Media Localization

Adapt your banners, videos and all visual assets to make them locally relevant for each market

Visuals designed for maximum local impact

Whether it’s video, graphics, banners or brochures, well-crafted visuals can be a key tool in reaching local consumers. We enhance your visual palette with an authentic local edge designed for maximum impact on your target audience.

What international challenges are you facing?

Video content is more popular than ever, posing challenges when it comes to rapid rollout of brand videos in multiple languages and markets
Video content requires adaptation, subtitling or dubbing to reach multiple markets — all while taking local specificities into account
Entry into new markets increases the number of languages needed for high-quality brochures, posing challenges for certain languages when it comes to graphics, with adequate quality standards becoming increasingly complex
Printing schedules are always tight, making it difficult to roll out your creations in multiple languages, obtain validation from subsidiaries and meet delivery deadlines

Here is how we can help

International Video Production
We produce and adapt video content in all languages and markets. Whether it’s flawless subtitling, seamless dubbing, or top-rate motion design localizations, we’re on it.
  • Multilingual Subtitles
We produce and translate subtitles for videos in any language, with the expertise to deliver either .SRT files or embed subtitles directly into your videos.
  • Motion Design Adaptations
Bringing together our own creative video content agency 87 Seconds with local native experts, we offer expertise and creativity for high-impact adaptation of motion design animations into any language or market.
  • Voice-Over & Dubbing
Voice-over makes video content accessible to an international audience and offers an effective means of audiovisual translation. Quality dubbing involves careful precision and adaptation for perfect synchronization. We cover everything from casting to studio recording and post-production for videos in all languages.
Localization of Print Assets
Adapting creative print assets into any language.
  • PDF Localization
Assets like e-catalogues, downloadable and printable brochures, and magazines are tried-and-true methods that every brand uses. Our team of graphic designers and linguistic experts uses their DTP skills to produce high-quality PDF assets — no matter the language or format.
  • Layout Artists
Certain languages — such as Arabic, Asian and Slavic languages — have special characteristics that can impact page layout. We use graphic designers that work in the target language, a crucial difference to help stay as close as possible to the original layout while accounting for these specificities. Our multilingual graphic designers work in all language combinations, with total mastery of computer graphic software packages like QuarkXPress, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
International Banners & Display
Seamless international implementation of your online campaigns.
  • Linguistic Localization
Translation of banners can be challenging — choosing local content that fits both visually and works in each local language. Our teams are specialized in multilingual banner production, ensuring that media plans are carried out to maximum effect on a global scale.
  • Technical Localization
Beyond linguistics, banners also need to be adapted to each local publisher’s specifications. Our international display experts execute media plans to ensure that banners meet all the specs required by each site.

Our Experts Help Boost Your Marketing Strategy on International Platforms

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