Data Analytics

The right data to make the right decisions, for solutions that adapt your digital strategy to customers in every market

The insights and tools to build a data-driven business

Every business collects tremendous amounts of data without ever tapping its full potential. Datawords helps clients identify and track valuable data, transforming it into powerful knowledge and actionable decisions at a market level.

What international challenges are you facing?

Boost your e-commerce/e-business performance with monitoring of adequate KPIs
Transform your organization into a data-driven worldwide business
Use the right data and customized tools to understand the difference between various markets and targets
Convert raw data into valuable information with impactful displays for decision-making
Save time with no manual reporting through reliable automated dashboards that free up more time for you to focus on your business

Here is how we can help

Data Analytics

How to put data at the center of your business decisions.

  • Digital Strategy
We offer guidance and tools to help formulate your business questions into analytical hypotheses with solutions that come from adequate sets of data.
  • Data Reliability
Trusting your data is essential for making the right calls and building adhesion within your organization. We audit your data sources and their tracking, deploy tag management and ensure data at infallible standards of quality.
  • 360° Monitoring
Every channel is essential for monitoring progress: website analytics, apps, search engines, social media, marketplaces, CRM, campaigns, and offline sources. We use the right tools to monitor your data in real time in every country.
  • Data Visualization
Every business stakeholder needs an instant view of business activity from specific angles. We create automated dashboards adapted to their needs, displaying the right data in an aesthetic and synthetic way.
  • Ah doc Analysis
Data itself can be hard to digest. We dig deep into the numbers, pinpointing the most valuable KPIs and turning them into key findings. We pour through vast amounts of data to deliver only the essentials to decision-makers.

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