International Social Media

Define what makes your brand DNA unique and how to translate your message into a vibrant and authentic social media story

We Help Clients Determine and Apply the Optimal Management Structure for International Social Media Accounts

Every brand has a unique story to tell. The key is determining the perfect content for each social media platform — both global and local — and the right organisation for worldwide social media management.

What International Challenges Are You Facing?

Create a consistent brand voice on social networks globally while respecting the specific local factors of your market audiences
Manage all your content across every social platform in multiple languages with quality, engagement and posting frequency guaranteed
Gain crucial insights into how users are perceiving your brand worldwide through multilingual moderation on a global and local scale, for the tools to improve your communication strategy and fine-tune the user journey
Make the shift into more modern engagement by embracing messaging and automation

Here Is How We Can Help

Social Media Content Strategy
Transforming your ideas into compelling content to meet the needs of your social media audiences across different platforms.
  • Platform-Based Strategy

Effective content must be designed to meet the specific needs of each social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, WeChat and more.

We analyse your target audience and define which content strategy works best on each platform according to your objectives.

  • Brand Content

After identifying the topics and subject matter that will boost engagement with your target audience, we work alongside creative teams to produce authentic content for social media platforms, employing a consistent and optimised strategy.

  • ePR/KOL
Identify social media influencers and key opinion leaders whose audiences are in line with your product targets to help develop your brand awareness at a market level.
Day-to-Day Management
Managing multiple platforms across different regions and languages requires a robust operation that runs 24/7. Datawords is equipped with the right tools and expertise to meet your needs and offer tailor-made organisation of your social media strategy.
  • Editorial Planning
Management of your editorial strategy to ensure consistency with your e-commerce or e-retail activity.
  • Social Listening
Monitoring of your brand’s online reputation in multiple languages and delivering vital information according to your needs, as well as competitor analysis and tracking of trending topics to enrich your content strategy.
  • 24/7 Publishing
Ensuring delivery of your posts on different platforms 24/7 thanks to our expert teams all around the world.
  • Social Ads
Management of your ads on every social network worldwide: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or TikTok, but also local networks like WeChat, Weibo, Kakaotalk, Line, or VKontakte. We make use of the whole set of available formats from sponsored posts, Instagram Stories, WeChat Mini Programs, carousels, banners and e-coupons.
Community Management
Our service includes robust 24/7 multilingual monitoring and engagement along with related activity reporting. Our Moderation Project Management Team can assist with engagement workflow design and platform configuration, Playbook recommendations, and most importantly, Moderator and Customer Service Agent training.
  • Social Media Engagement
Bridging the gap between clients and online users with a multilingual, cross-cultural team of expert agents, ensuring brands preserve their social media reputation and engagement with communities in any language.
  • Chatbot
Our AI chatbot maker Whatsquare delivers the most natural and intuitive digital experience to connect with customers at scale.
Our chatbots interact with customers through multilingual conversations and built-in AR cameras — as easy as chatting with friends.

Our Experts Help Boost Your Marketing Strategy on International Platforms

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