We believe that a strong digital cultural presence can only be successful if it is backed up with the appropriate technology.

To ensure the effective management of worldwide complex digital projects, Datawords has forged innovative partnerships and created proprietary tools.

This goal has encouraged leading software and solution providers in the industry to form partnerships with us.

We know, for instance, that choosing the right e‑commerce platform is a very difficult decision to make for internet‑savvy professionals. It was therefore an easy decision to partner with the industry-leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions: Demandware.

Thanks to the newly developed connector module linking Demandware directly to Datawords’ Multilingual Suite, Datawords has been promoted to Demandware Link Technology Partner status.

We are also very proud of our partnerships with leading companies in their sectors: Adobe, Acquia (Drupal), Hybris, Sitecore and many others. They demonstrate trust in our expertise and believe that we can offer promising technological prospects.

Technological partnerships have especially helped us enhance our capacity to develop our own tools over time. For instance:

  • Datawords’ Generic Connector, now used by numerous clients
  • Datawords’ Multilingual Digital Suite, which allows us to thoroughly follow the complexity of international digital projects on the widest array of technologies
  • Datawords’ API, to provide our clients with development capacities to connect directly to our systems

We look forward to encouraging new partners, in the United States and around the world, to work with us to develop cutting-edge technological tools; as well as continuing to strengthen our international consulting expertise.

Culture and Technology. Two seemingly distant concepts, yet so powerful when combined.

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