Datawords, the global leader in Multicultural Technologies, is excited to announce the acquisition of Whatsquare, the leading chatbot provider in Asia based in Hong Kong. Whatsquare was co-founded in 2016 by Katherine Pei and Leeds Sheung.

Based on an AI‑powered customisation engine, Whatsquare creates tailor‑made multilingual solutions that enable data flows between all messaging platforms (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat for different regions), websites and mobile applications. Designed for retailers and brands, it automatically recommends products, provides customer service, and delivers personalised stories.


In recent years, automated assistant platforms have become essential tools for digital marketers worldwide. Thanks to exponential developments in AI and the focus on promoting personalised experiences, chatbots are becoming smarter. They are able to integrate more languages and cultural nuances to engage users and to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. This seamless flow of content will enhance the user experience while optimising brand rollout.


This acquisition is driven by Datawords’ strategy to offer new technologies that will help brands leverage their local content to its full potential. This important step is also in line with Datawords’ strategy of investing in technology, with a focus on developing proprietary AI solutions and partnerships. This is the first acquisition made by Datawords in Asia, which reinforces the company’s already strong local presence with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Manila.


Stanislas de Nervo, Co‑founder of Datawords, stated: At Datawords, we continually invest in cutting edge technologies and we are convinced that AI will transform International Digital Marketing. We are delighted to welcome Whatsquare within the Datawords Group! This new acquisition will enable the brands we work with to reach customers at the deepest level of local and cultural segmentation.”


Katherine Pei, Co‑founder of Whatsquare, added: “Whatsquare helps businesses create unique customer relationships and shopping experiences through chatbot solutions, a scalable way to engage the digital natives of new generations. We are very happy to join the Datawords family and to contribute to the advances in customer satisfaction thanks to an ever more personalised experience.

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