Datawords, the global leader in e-multicultural technologies, and Assist, the automated assistant platform for messaging and voice, announced a strategic partnership to optimise the international rollout of automated assistant platforms to support brand marketing strategies.

This newly signed partnership will allow Datawords to help current and future clients integrate messaging and voice marketing tools to their digital marketing strategies. It will enable Assist to benefit from Datawords’ tech and multicultural expertise to deploy its platform at an international level by integrating new cultures, languages, etc.


Thanks to exponential improvements in Artificial Intelligence in recent years, automated assistant platforms have become essential tools for digital marketers around the world. Consumer brands now have the opportunity to reach customers and cater to their specific needs in a more scaled and efficient context than ever before. But just as consumers behave differently on websites and social networks across different regions of the world, the same can be said about how they use automated assistant platforms. Datawords’ multicultural understanding of the international digital landscape combined with Assist’s key expertise in automated marketing platforms will allow digital marketers to unlock the doors to these international consumers.

Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Assist has developed a unique expertise in automated marketing platforms to deliver advanced conversational experience for brands. Assist is a featured partner with the key players in this field, namely Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Twitter Business Messaging and Amazon Alexa. Assist currently works with premium brands including Sephora, Samsung and Lonely Planet. Sephora has for instance chosen Assist technology to develop a bot for Messenger to enhance client experiences in the US (with book in-store appointments, virtual makeover using the camera in their Messenger App based on augmented reality etc.).

Alexandre Crazover, CEO and Co-founder of Datawords, stated: “Our partnership with Assist based in the US is a strategic development as we are convinced of the potential of automated assistants for messaging and voice and their growing role in the digital marketing space. As a tech leader, Datawords wants to partner with the very best tech companies and already has signed partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce. Assist is leading the field in terms of artificial intelligence applied to digital marketing and we are proud to be partners in offering brands the possibility to provide more personalised client experiences wherever these clients are.”

Shane Mac, CEO and Co-founder of Assist, added: “We feel a very strong cultural fit with the Datawords team and we are thrilled with this partnership. Datawords’ international digital marketing expertise in highly diversified sectors will take our platform to the next level globally. Building great automated conversations in multiple languages requires the expertise and local knowledge that Datawords brings to the table. We are excited to expand this partnership globally.”

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