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Connecting technology and local culture for an unmatched digital experience

International & Local e-Commerce

Solutions to accelerate time to market and boost your e-commerce performance worldwide

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International Digital Consulting

Take your digital touchpoint management strategy to the next level

Website Localisation and Content Management

Scale your website to any market, and update it locally—in real time

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International SEO and SEA

Improve brand visibility on local search engines and boost your SEM website performance in every market

International Social Media

Define what makes your brand DNA unique and how to translate your message into a vibrant and authentic social media story

Data Analytics

The right data to make the right decisions, for solutions that adapt your digital strategy to customers in every market

Translation and Copywriting

Create and translate best-in-class marketing content in any language while maintaining consistency with your brand’s message

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Media Localisation

Adapt your banners, videos and all visual assets to make them locally relevant for each local market

Creating Value for Global Companies by Efficiently Scaling Their International Digital Marketing Strategy

We combine digital mastery with local culture to analyse, scale, optimise and roll out international campaigns and strategies across every channel. Our game-changing multicultural digital experts, processes and tools deliver an unmatched digital experience across all markets — All in total alignment with the brand’s existing identity.

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Supporting premium brands with their global digital marketing strategy and content since 2000.

How Clarins Addresses the Challenges of “Digital Multiculturalism”

Digital experiences vary greatly from one country to another. So how does a brand maintain consistency around the world and be relevant locally at the same time? Key learnings from Clarins.

How Benefit Cosmetics Expanded Its Digital Presence Around the World

Benefit Cosmetics – one of the most fun, successful and innovative brands in the US – wanted to expand and enhance its digital presence around the world. See how their collaboration with Datawords helped them accomplish this goal.

How L’Oréal Professionnel Increased Traffic and Conversion Rates in the US

L’Oréal Professionnel was seeking to use content to drive traffic and increase conversion rates in the US. Learn how Datawords helped the brand achieve this objective.

Michelin on the World’s Digital Roads With Datawords’ Technology and Expertise

Digital transformation is not an easy process for any company. Michelin and Datawords’ partnership is a great example of how to address this transformation on a global scale.

How Longchamp Manages Its Customers on Social Media Across the Globe

The importance of social media for brands goes without saying at this point. And yet, many brands still struggle with customer relationships on social media, especially in international markets. But Longchamp has figured it out. Let’s see how.

How Groupe SEB Shaped Its International Strategy to Deliver a Successful Customer Experience Globally

A successful customer experience can only exist if your organisation is designed to provide it. Discover more about how Groupe SEB was able to do that with Datawords.

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