How Hyundai Motor chose to respond to Google's fast-changing organic search algorithm, as they revamped their website and spread it around the world.





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Hyundai Motor, which conducts sales worldwide, including Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, India, and Russia, wanted to keep up with the latest Google search trends for its website revamp/roll-out projects. Find out how Datawords’ professionals were able to meet client’s needs.


  • In the latter half of 2016, Hyundai Motors saw a need to renew their website as the company took a leap toward becoming a global brand in the field of complete automobiles and as both domestic and overseas customers demanded more digital services.
  • In order to successfully complete this Hyundai Motors website renewal (WWN 3.0 project) in 2017, the company had to select developers that possessed global competency while also selecting partners for search engine optimization to improve domestic and overseas search capabilities in cooperation with their IT business unit in terms of 1) navigation, 2) content, 3) functionality, and 4) design.


  • We joined the project as a consulting firm with expertise in global search engine optimization services to verify SEO with native-speaker SEO specialists in Korean, English, and Chinese.
  • Datawords used the same validation methodology we use at our headquarters in France by studying keywords in each language, taking 6 steps to review technical and semantic SEO elements, and utilizing 3 additional global SEO solutions.


  • Datawords successfully provided field operations with a validation report of approximately 1,000 pages for Korean, English, and Chinese on HMC > > KR, the domestic automobile sales website. 3 months later, Datawords also provided a SERPs Visibility report on common keywords.
  • Datawords also conducted an English SEO validation on HMC > > Global Template (GT), which serves as a guideline for overseas automobile sales websites. Based on this, Datawords delivered a validation report of about 100 pages, which allowed the Hyundai Motors website localization (WWN 3.0 expansion project) to be applied to 20 countries in 6 regions, including the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, APAC, and Europe.

Highlighted results and figures

  • At the time, SEO services in Korea were merely a part of a service provided by larger SI companies and web developers and lacked any key players. However, this project helped Datawords position itself in a brand-new vendor category as an SEO consulting partner for Hyundai Motors.
  • As web documents began to be increasingly perceived as important due to changes in both domestic search engine market shares and the Naver search algorithm, the need for search engine optimization skyrocketed among companies that focused on domestic businesses as well as those targeting overseas markets. This inspired Datawords to conduct dedicated studies on and to optimize domestic SEO services in the context of domestic companies based on the Hyundai Motors case.

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