How a Japanese luxury makeup brand improved its O2O strategy





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Japanese luxury brand ALBION engages in sales through counselling, and was seeking a way to guide customers from the online world into physical stores.
Datawords Japan assisted them with comprehensive support, from planning and creating content to measuring results.


ALBION develops original and high-quality cosmetics through advanced technology and the pursuit of authenticity. They are devoted to selling products through counselling—as a distribution channel suitable for luxury items—so the brand is available exclusively at physical retail stores such as department stores and speciality shops. Their greatest challenge was thus finding a way to guide customers into these physical stores, making it necessary to design a sequential journey that could do so starting from the digital realm.


We assisted in creating strategy that could convey the appeal of the brand and its products to users, encouraging them to visit physical stores.


In formulating an online-to-offline journey, we created promotional pages in multiple languages to engagingly communicate ALBION’s commitment to its ingredients and the benefits of using its products. With designs and a user flow that entice visitors to click, users are brought to a mini-game site where, when the game is finished, they are given coupons for product samples that they can redeem in stores.

Highlighted results and figures

To further assist ALBION in achieving its goal of raising brand visibility outside of Japan, we also reviewed the SEO of the official websites in each country, and have begun providing even more comprehensive support. Using separate companies for different aspects of a project can make processes more complicated and hinder collaboration, but the wide support provided by Datawords Japan helps speed up the PDCA cycle and create greater synergy.

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