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Tod’s, an Italian fashion brand, used many of the latest marketing techniques to draw the attention of millenials and Generation Z, who are quick to adapt to new trends. Find out how the professional marketers at Datawords attracted the interest of customers using local channels like KakaoTalk and Naver alongside an AR filter on Instagram.


Tod’s Korea realized the need for digital marketing techniques that could be used to communicate with local customers both online and offline and help the brand sell artisan products of outstanding quality in Korea more effectively.

Accordingly, Tod’s Korea sought out a global agency that had plenty of localized marketing experience for luxury brands in Korea and could communicate fluently with its head office in Italy.


By presenting numerous references for luxury fashion brands and an accurate marketing plan, Datawords successfully formed a digital marketing partnership with Tod’s Korea.

Alongside standard digital advertisements, Datawords also suggested various different O2O campaigns for Tod’s to keep up with the brand’s need to diversify the customer experience.


In addition to the standard advertisements on Naver and Kakao, Datawords implemented all sorts of different marketing techniques. While publicizing Tod’s offline pop-up stores, Datawords created Kakao emoticons and emoticon coupons to increase the number of followers on Tod’s KakaoTalk channel. These efforts resulted in a drastic increase in followers. Datawords also created an AR filter for Instagram through WHATSQUARE, a subsidiary of Datawords, to effectively promote the brand concept to customers both within Korea and overseas.

Highlighted results and figures

The number of followers of Tod’s Korea on KakaoTalk increased from 50,000 before the campaign to 120,000 afterward, totaling an approximate increase of 72,000. The AR filter was deemed to be a witty expression of the typical Italian feel, and the project was a success.

Starting with the KakaoTalk emoticon campaign for Tod’s Korea, many other luxury brands asked Datawords to make their emoticons, and this allowed Datawords to achieve greater customer satisfaction based on experience. Going forward, Datawords is planning to continue utilizing new and creative digital marketing methods.

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